The Soy Aquaculture Alliance

The Soy Aquaculture Alliance is dedicated to expanding the use of U.S.-grown soybeans in domestic aquaculture diets. Soybeans and fish may seem unlikely partners, but bringing the land and sea together offers major opportunities for both. SAA supports research, promotion, and collaboration that build this partnership.

For research and other resources regarding the Soy Aquaculture Alliance, visit the Soy Aquaculture Alliance page.

Soy Aquaculture Alliance website


What do US soybean farmers have to do with aquaculture around the world? Quite a bit, actually, especially in helping to make it more sustainable and scalable. For almost 30 years, the USSEC Aquaculture Program, funded by the soybean check-off program, has provided critical training and technical knowledge for global aquaculture — ranging from small family fish farms in Asia to large international operations that provide fish for your local supermarket.