Science for Success

Early Season Management

During vegetative growth, plant dry matter distributed to leaves, stems and roots enables the plant to “build the factory” for producing seed later in the season. The following resources provide information that can be used to maximize plant growth and development early in the production season.

In this May webinar, topics include cold temperatures at soybean planting, seed treatments, and more! 


Early Fertilization Decisions

Soybean has a high demand for the nutrients nitrogen (N) and sulfur (S). There is also a demonstrated interaction between these nutrients, where S can help improve plant N utilization. These two resources outline some of our previous research on soybean yield response to N and S fertilization.

Soybean Yield Response to Sulfur and Nitrogen Additions

Nitrogen and Sulfur Fertilization: Contributions of Soil Nitrogen and Biological Nitrogen Fixation Processes