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Soybean Growth and Development

The soybean crop needs to encounter various conditions across growth stages to optimize yield. Sensitivity to stress varies across growth stages, resulting in an array of risks, some of which can be mitigated through management. Learn more about risk and management options across important soybean growth stages from emergence through seed fill to optimize soybean production at each stage of development.

The publication describes each stage and explores common misconceptions with risk and management associated with these growth stages. 

Dr. Hans Kandel, Extension Agronomist, North Dakota State University outlines soybean plant growth stages and important management considerations throughout the season.

Dr. Manni Singh, Cropping Systems Agronomist, Michigan State University discusses common misconceptions in the soybean vegetative stages.

In this webinar Extension specialists from across the US speak for a few minutes on each growth stage (20 minutes), followed by a Q & A speakers’ panel (54 minutes). Producers and agronomists from any region will benefit from the content.