Soybean End Uses

Oct 2022

Soybeans help feed and fuel the world. The versatility of soy components allows it to be used in a wide range of applications. Soy provides a valuable source of protein in food for people and in feed for animals. Soybean oil accounts for much of the vegetable oil used in the U.S., and it also provides a renewable feedstock for biodiesel. Plus, soy components can replace petroleum and other ingredients in many industrial and consumer products. Learn more about the innovative research funded by the soy checkoff to increase and diversify demand for U.S. Soy.

#SoySnippets Q&A
Where are your soybeans used?

Soybeans enter the U.S. supply chain in many ways for a wide variety of uses. Farmers and industry stakeholders note that understanding how soybeans get to customers and intended end uses for those soybeans can influence management decisions. Join the conversation on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.