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Oct 2021

Soybean quality encompasses many production factors, from soybean health and development in pods to condition in storage, and from composition to contamination of foreign materials. Soybean farmers and industry stakeholders share some of the ways they protect soybean quality. Share aspects of quality prioritized on your farm or your segment of the soybean industry.

Sep 2021

Soybeans are one of the most flexible crops grown. They adapt well to a variety of production systems, including crop rotations and planting dates. That flexibility allows soybeans to work well as a double crop in regions with adequate growing degrees. Soybeans planted in mid-summer, often following harvest of a crop like winter wheat, can achieve reasonable yields by a late-fall harvest. These checkoff-funded tools, resources and research projects support the use of soybeans in double-crop systems.

Aug 2021

Soybean Cyst Nematode (SCN) has been found in fields throughout the country. SCN infests soil and reduces soybean yields by feeding on plant roots.  Research is helping farmers protect against this pest through management practices, breeding for resistance and more. These checkoff-funded tools, resources and research projects support effective SCN management to protect soybean yield potential.

Jul 2021

Advances in technology provide opportunities for farmers to maximize on-farm productivity, efficiency and sustainability. On-farm technology and tools have show great potential to increase profitability. Research is helping farmers understand how to apply information technology, internet-connected equipment, management software and other innovations to their operations. These checkoff-funded tools, resources and research projects help capture of the value of ag technology for soybean production.

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