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Jul 2024

Cover crops are a key component in managing soil health. Farmers, researchers and soybean industry stakeholders discuss the logistics, benefits and challenges to incorporating cover crops into a system.

Jun 2024

Many different diseases impact soybean yield and quality. Cultural practices, genetics, biotechnology and chemical controls all can help manage disease pressure. Farmers, researchers and others explain ways they deal with soybean diseases.

May 2024

Different insects attack soybeans at all growth stages, hurting quality and yield. Hear from farmers, researchers and other industry representatives about strategies to monitor and control insect pressure. Join the conversation on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.

Apr 2024

Weeds steal nutrients and water and cut soybean yields. Herbicide resistance adds to the challenge and complexity of managing weeds. Farmers, researchers and others in the soybean industry discuss weed problems and effective management. Join the conversation on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.

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