Soil Health and Fertility

Nov 2022

Soils contain complex ecosystems that can provide and deliver much of the nutrients soybeans and other crops need. Managing soil fertility and health includes management practices like tillage and cover crops, as well as adding nutrients as needed to improve crop yield and quality. The soy checkoff funds research that provides farmers with knowledge, data and strategies to understand and boost soil — and plant — health to produce more sustainable soybeans. Many research projects, resources and tools developed with checkoff support help farmers manage soil fertility for soybean production and their entire cropping system.

#SoySnippets Q&A
How does your choice of tillage impact your operation?

The tillage practices chosen to protect and improve soils and crop seedbed vary depending on soil type, topography and climate. Soybean farmers and others explain how their practices fit into their production system. Join the conversation on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.


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