Nutrient Management and Soil Fertility

Dec 2021

December 2021: Nutrient Management and Soil Fertility

Soybeans need the right nutrients to thrive as a healthy, resilient crop. Soil ecosystems provide and deliver much of what soybeans need, but adding nutrients specific to soybeans and managing soil fertility can improve yield and quality. Research funded by the soy checkoff provides farmers with knowledge, data and strategies to understand and meet plant — and soil — health and nutrition to produce more sustainable soybeans. Many research projects, resources and tools developed with checkoff support help farmers manage nutrients for soybean production and their entire cropping system.

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What strategies help manage nutrients and soil fertility?

Research and experience show that nutrient availability and soil fertility support soybean plant health and strong yields. Check out what farmers, researchers and industry stakeholders have to say about managing nutrients and soil health. And share strategies that have helped you improve nutrient management in your crop production system. Join the conversation on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.

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