Soybean Research Principal Investigator Profile – David Moseley

David Moseley, soybean specialist, Louisiana State University (LSU) AgCenter

Why did you decide to pursue a career that includes soybean research?
I was able to study soybean research as a Ph.D. student in a soybean breeding group at the University of Arkansas. I enjoyed helping to improve soybean production by evaluating new varieties and improving best management practices.

What research topic have you completed in the past or are working on now that could have or has had the most significant impact on soybean production?
I would say developing and evaluating new varieties.

How has the soybean checkoff enhanced your ability to find answers to production problems for farmers?
The soybean checkoff has funded projects that made it possible for me to hire a research team, purchase supplies, and travel to visit with producers and attend grower meetings.

Within your area of expertise, what are the top two or three general recommendations you would offer farmers to improve their management practices?
Select the most adapted variety for your area that has great yield potential and a good disease resistance package.

Within your area of expertise, what do you consider to be critical soybean research needs that can impact the profitability of farmers in the future?
We need to continue to develop high-yielding soybean varieties and find the most adapted varieties for each producer.