Breeding and Genetics

Sep 2022

New soybean varieties better protect and increase yields. Scientists and breeders constantly work to identify and harness the untapped potential of soybean genetics. To support ongoing development of new varieties, the soy checkoff invests in plant-breeding research, genomics and molecular genetics to improve soybean yield, resistance, stress tolerance and nutritional qualities such as protein levels, digestibility and amino acid content. Learn about the research and tools paving the way for future soybean varieties.

#SoySnippets Q&A
What Characteristics Need to be a Priority in Developing New Soybean Varieties?

Researchers and soybean breeders prioritize traits and characteristics for new soybean varieties based on farmer needs. Farmers, researchers and others describe factors important to the development of new germplasm and varieties. Join the conversation on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.