Water Quality and Management

Jan 2023

Rain makes grain. That saying holds true for soybeans. Too little water limits crop growth during critical stages, especially pod fill. But too much or poorly timed water can also limit growth. As farmers manage water, they also work to protect water quality. Water management includes efficient irrigation use and supporting drainage of excess water from fields, while protecting and improving water quality as it moves from fields into watersheds. The soy checkoff funds research, tools and resources to help farmers optimize the value of rain and irrigation water and preserve its quality as it leaves their fields.

#SoySnippets Q&A
How are you addressing challenges with water availability or quality?

Too much or too little water creates challenges for soils and soybeans. Farmers, researchers and industry stakeholders discuss managing availability of water to crops and quality of water moving from fields into watersheds. Join the conversation on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.