Research Highlights

Research Highlights
Results from 2018 University Soybean Variety Trials Are Available

Variety selection is key to maximizing soybean yield potential. A recent publication from the Crop Protection Network called  Considerations for Selecting Soybean Varieties outlines the factors to consider when selecting which soybean variety to plant.

A key consideration is to choose varieties that perform well in multi-location performance trials. High yields for two or more consecutive years or at several locations indicate stable performance, so look for 2- or 3-year averages, or regional averages. Performance at a single location has a very low predictive value and should not be relied upon for variety selection decisions. 

It’s important to select a range of maturity groups and varieties that best match your production practices. A variety is classified to a specific maturity group (MG) according to the length of time from planting to maturity. Several factors affect this period of soybean development, including genetics, temperature, and total amount of sun. See Delineating Optimal Soybean Maturity Groups Across the United States for a recent description of soybean MG groups and adaptation zones.

Links to the following university and Extension soybean performance tests are available here
    Crop Performance Tests for Iowa
    Purdue Crop Performance Program (Indiana)
    Illinois Soybean Variety Tests
    Kansas Crop Performance Tests – includes some SCN and sudden death syndrome ratings
    Michigan Soybean Variety Trials – includes company-provided SCN ratings
    Minnesota State Variety Trials – includes chlorosis ratings and some SCN ratings
    Missouri Soybean Performace Tests
    North Dakota Soybean Variety Trials – includes chlorosis ratings and some SCN resistance testing
    Ohio Soybean Performance Trials
    Ontario, Canada Soybean Variety Trial – includes some ratings for white mold, SCN and Phytophthora
    South Dakota Crop Variety Trials
    Wisconsin Soybean Variety Trials – includes some ratings for white mold (see Table 2)

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Published: Jan 9, 2019