Soybean Research Principal Investigator Profile – Jarrod Miller

Jarrod Miller, assistant professor and Extension specialist, agronomy, University of Delaware

Why did you decide to pursue a career that includes soybean research?
I grew up on a dairy and grain farm and then became interested in soil science.

What research topic have you completed in the past or are working on now that could have or has had the most significant impact on soybean production?
Using cover crops or other methods to steadily increase soil quality should help with water holding on our sandy soils.

How has the soybean checkoff enhanced your ability to find answers to production problems for farmers?
With funding from the soybean checkoff, you can answer production-related questions that most larger grants will never fund but are still necessary to economic and environmental sustainability.

Within your area of expertise, what are the top two or three general recommendations you would offer farmers to improve their management practices?
Farmers should perform annual soil tests, particularly on our low CEC (cation exchange capacity), sandy soils. Soil moisture and evapotranspiration considerations for irrigation are important, as well as managing soil variability.

Within your area of expertise, what do you consider to be critical soybean research needs that can impact the profitability of farmers in the future?
Adapting to more variable weather conditions through integrated management and continuing to test the limits of newer varieties are both areas of needed future research.