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Redbanded Stink Bugs: An Immediate Threat to Mississippi Soybean Producers

calendar_today Year of Research: 2017
update Posted On: 05/23/2019
group Dr. Angus Catchot (Principal Investigator, Mississippi State University - ES)
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Research Focus

The focus of this research is to show how redbanded stink bugs affect soybeans in Mississippi and the measures needed to manage this pest.


  • Determine in-field damage potential of redbanded stink bugs in Miss. producer fields (large plot).
  • Determine influence of insecticide termination timings on yield and seed quality for redbanded stink bugs.
  • Determine insecticidal efficacy of insecticides to control redbanded stink bugs in Mississippi.
  • Compare insecticide tolerances of redbanded stink bug to southern green stink bugs


  1. Sprays of Bifenthrin (6.4 oz/acre) + Acephate (0.75 lb/acre) that were applied either weekly or at threshold successfully reduced RBSB numbers at all three testing locations. There was no difference in final seed damage among the treatments.
  2. The data suggests that applications of insecticides after the R6 growth stage will not likely impact damage to soybeans or yield caused by RBSB.
  3. Many products provide some level of control of RBSB in soybean; however, mixtures provided the most consistent control, with the tank mix of acephate and bifenthrin working the best.


  • Farmers need to know how to properly treat and manage RBSB before it damages seed maturity.

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