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Multi-state on-farm partnership

calendar_today Year of Research: 2019
update Posted On: 04/04/2019
group Scott Nelson, Iowa Soybean Association
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Soybean farmers need to be able to verify products and management practices that increase their on-farm returns. Data from real world, large-scale trials is the best way to generate this data. This research project furthers the design, development, and implementation of a Multi-State On-Farm Partnership. A number of states, universities and organizations have on-farm research programs in place. Additional partners are being explored. Through these state partnerships, researchers will establish trials, collect and analyze data and aerial imagery for each trial location. Results will be generated in reports and posted online for public viewing in a database.


To-date, the multi-state On-Farm Partnership has been highly successful and continues to grow. Public researchers from 14 states actively conduct on-farm research projects and contribute data for combined analysis of results. All the researchers contribute to an online database for coordinated on-farm research projects. The database can provide information to universities, regulators, ag retailers and commodity groups, on which to base decisions related to soybean production management practices. A platform for coordinated on-farm research projects was developed for university researchers, consultants and farmers that allows for better data capture from combined studies.

2019 NCSRP Annual Report summary


The purpose of this research is to enable farmers to be more profitable. There are two components of profitability: price per bushel, and cost to produce a bushel of soybean. This research focuses primarily on managing costs per bushel to produce. Cost per bushel is a function of yield and input costs. The seeding rate studies in this research enable farmers to minimize seeding costs by providing guidance on the economic optimum seeding rates for their geography. The research also focuses on the wise use of other inputs in characterizing the value of various yield enhancement products.

For more information about this research project, please visit the National Soybean Checkoff Research Database.

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