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The Efficacy of Fall Cover Crops as They Relate to Stream Water Quality

calendar_today Year of Research: 2018
update Posted On: 12/04/2019
group Jerry Sweeten (Principal Investigator, Ecosystems Connect, LLC)
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Research Focus

The focus of this project is to maintain or advance agricultural productivity, measure export of nutrients and soil, and examine stream biota in two small watersheds (not to exceed 3,000 acres).


  • Provide scientifically derived water quality data in response to voluntary soil and water conservation practices with an emphasis on fall cover crops for the upper portions of the Beargrass Creek Watershed and the upper portions of the Pawpaw Creek Watershed in Wabash County, Indiana.
  • Establish and nurture partnerships with local agricultural producers, county, state, and federal natural resource agencies.


Information will be uploaded once results are attained.


This experimental design will provide valuable data in regards to the effectiveness of fall cover crops as they relate to nutrient and sediment export, and to document changes in the biotic community (fish and invertebrates).

For more information about this research project, please visit the National Soybean Checkoff Research Database.

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