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2018 Maximizing Soybean Yield in Mississippi: Influence of Plant Populations, Seed Treatments, and Stand Loss on Overall Profitability

calendar_today Year of Research: 2018
update Posted On: 12/04/2019
group Angus Catchot (Lead Investigator, MSU-BMBEPP),Jeff Gore (Co-Investigator, MSU) Trent Irby (Co-Investigator, MSU), John Orlowski (Co-Investigator, MSU) ,Don Cook (Co-Investigator, MSU)
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  • Determine the effect of stand loss in different plant populations and timing of plant loss on soybean yield.
  • Determine the effect of plant populations, seed treatments, and planting date on maximum seed yield of soybean.


Results will be uploaded upon completion of the research project.


This is important so that soybean yield can be maximized.


For more information about this research project, please visit the National Soybean Checkoff Research Database.

Funded in part by the soybean checkoff.