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2018 High Yield + Quality

calendar_today Year of Research: 2018
update Posted On: 12/04/2019
group John Osthus (Principal Investigator, Blue Spring Communications, LLC)
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Research Focus

The focus of this project is to find HY+Q and USSEC discoveries about soybean value that give farmers new ways to influence seed company and checkoff decisions about quality so demand and value can improve faster.


  • Ensure U.S. producer’s benefit from discovering and advancing more than a billion dollars in previously unrecognized compositional value at the variety level.
  • Increase producer awareness of the value that soybean variety decisions can deliver to livestock operations.
  • Increase soybean demand.
  • Increase customer awareness that farmers are proactive about delivering a reliable supply of soybeans with high quality and value.
  • Increase scientific insights that support increasing the value of the U.S. Soy Advantage.
  • Accelerate industry and checkoff success advancing higher-value varieties.


  1. Increased momentum and support for protein and oil improvement across the soybean industry.
  2. Promotional campaign implemented with 1,700 farmers and 12 seed companies.
  3. More than 3,000 samples analyzed. – 37,000 were analyzed.
  4. Farmers capture maximum value for their soybeans and recognize benefits of growing soybeans with unsurpassed customer value.


  • Improving soybean protein and oil levels will enable new success for Illinois and U.S. soybeans.
  • Using new management strategies can produce higher protein and oil levels while maintaining yield goals.

For more information about this research project, please visit the National Soybean Checkoff Research Database.

Funded in part by the soybean checkoff.