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Tue - December 12, 2017
A new field guide is available to assist growers and scouts identify and monitor nine species of stink bugs and their damage in the North Central region. Two beneficial stink bugs may also be encountered, which are predators of crop pests and should not be included in calculations for monitoring and treatment.
Fri - December 8, 2017
The number of SCN-resistant soybean varieties available for soybean farmers has increased steadily since the early 1990s. Iowa State University publishes an updated list of SCN-resistant soybean varieties in maturity groups 0, 1, 2, and 3 annually to help farmers know their choices.   MORE
Thu - November 9, 2017
Rhizoctonia root rot of soybean, caused by the fungus Rhizoctonia solani, is an important seedling disease across the United States and Canada, and can reduce stand, leading to yield loss.  MORE
Thu - October 12, 2017
Understanding and being able to correctly identify the growth stages of soybean is important for making sound agronomic management decisions. This guide describes the growth stages starting with germination, progressing through the vegetative stages (V) and concluding with the reproductive stages (R).   MORE