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Considerations for Selecting Soybean Varieties
Fri - September 14, 2018
Variety selection is key to maximizing soybean yield potential. A new publication, Considerations for Selecting Soybean Varieties, describes the main factors to consider when selecting which soybean variety to plant.

A key consideration is to choose varieties that perform well in multi-location performance trials. You can find this information in the crop performance tests conducted at all twelve north central land-grant universities.  These self-supported, public testing programs are designed to provide growers with the unbiased crop performance information they need to make informed variety selection decisions. Results through 2017 are available now; the 2018 results will be posted in November or December for most locations.

It's important to select a range of maturity groups and varieties that best match your production practices. A variety is classified to a specific maturity group (MG) according to the length of period from planting to maturity. Several factors affect this period of soybean development, including genetics, temperature, and total amount of sun. See Delineating Optimal Soybean Maturity Groups Across the United States for a recent description of soybean MG groups and adaptation zones.

Considerations for Selecting Soybean was developed by the Crop Protection Network, a multi-state and international collaboration of university/provincial extension specialists and agricultural professionals. The Crop Management series is sponsored by the North Central Soybean Research Program.  Other publications in the Crop Management series are available on the Crop Protection Network website.

Read Considerations for Selecting Soybean Varieties

Links to all the north-central soybean performance tests are available here

Shawn Conley, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Carl Bradley, University of Kentucky
Martin Chilvers, Michigan State University
Loren Giesler, University of Nebraska
Daren Mueller, Iowa State University
Ed Sikora, Auburn University
Damon Smith, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Albert Tenuta, OMAFRA
Kelley Tilmon, Ohio State University
Kiersten Wise, University of Kentucky