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Final Results Available for 2017 Soybean Variety Trials in the North-Central Region
Tue - January 16, 2018
A reminder that the final results of crop performance tests conducted at all twelve north-central universities are available to the public. These self-supported, public testing programs are designed to provide growers with the unbiased crop performance information they need to make informed variety selection decisions.

Online users can view the varieties entered, varietal characteristics, and the locations and tests in which the entries were placed. Some trials allow the user to sort and filter the information by specific agronomic traits. Most reports are available to download as Microsoft Excel files. For print copies, contact your local Extension office or the agronomy department of your local state university.  

The key to interpreting the results is the LSD value -- the "least significant difference", found at the bottom of each table. The LSD is the minimum difference that must been seen before you can say with confidence that there is a true difference between a pair of varieties which is not due to natural and environmental variability.

High yields for two or more consecutive years or at several locations indicate stable performance, so look for 2- or 3-year averages, or regional averages. Performance at a single location has a very low predictive probability and should not be relied upon for variety selection decisions.

Links to the following soybean performance tests are available here 
  • Crop Performance Tests for Iowa
  • Purdue Crop Performance Program (Indiana)
  • Illinois Soybean Variety Tests
  • Kansas Crop Performance Tests - includes some SCN and sudden death syndrome ratings
  • Michigan Soybean Variety Trials - includes company-provided SCN ratings
  • Minnesota State Variety Trials - includes chlorosis ratings and some SCN ratings
  • Missouri Soybean Performace Tests
  • Nebraska Soybean Variety Tests
  • North Dakota Soybean Variety Trials - includes chlorosis ratings and some SCN resistance testing
  • Ohio Soybean Performance Trials
  • Ontario, Canada Soybean Variety Trial - includes some ratings for white mold, SCN and Phytophthora
  • South Dakota Crop Variety Trials
  • Wisconsin Soybean Variety Trials - includes some ratings for white mold (see Table 2)